Winter Squash Salad Class
For this sweet and nutty vegetable, I decided to use it raw, as a new base for an earthy and crunchy salad, combining different flavors and texture.
Pasta and Pea Soup Class
Pasta e piselli is a recipe that I grew up with. It was part of our family’s winter repertoire. Made with a few simple ingredients and only one pot, it comes together quickly and easily. 
Homemade Fusilli Pasta with Sausage Ragu Sauce
The magic of flour and water is that you can give hundreds of shapes to your pasta…one of them is fusilli or known as busiate in the Southern part of Italy.
Cannoli Siciliani Class
Originally rolled around bambu rods (hence the name from the Italian word ‘canne’), cannoli alla siciliana is a fried pastry tube filled with smooth ricotta inside
Classic Stuffed Italian Meatloaf Class
Meatloaf or polpettone is a classic ‘secondo piatto’, home cooked by traditional Italian families and it’s essentially a giant baked meatball, stuffed in different ways, which makes an excellent meal for colder days.
Saffron Arancini al Ragu Class
Similar to an orange fruit in shape and color, arancini is a fried ball of saffron risotto stuffed with cheese, meat ragu and sweet peas.