Give the gift of cooking!

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From Tuscany



Give a unique and memorable gift this holiday season: a cooking experience with Chicca!


• DELIGHTFUL – A fun, meaningful activity for any age
• CONNECTION – Make a new Italian friend and connect with fellow home cooks around the world
• HEALTHY – Recipes with the best use of the simplest ingredients in season
• ADVENTUROUS – Travel to Tuscany without leaving your kitchen
• SAFE AT HOME – An experience that can be enjoyed even during quarantine or lock downs

Your loved ones will have a chance to learn homemade pasta, meatballs, tiramisù and many more authentic and traditional Italian recipes alongside Chicca! Give them an experience they’ll remember!


$137 Per Season

Membership saves you 35% on classes as a package, plus the recipient will have access to exclusive recipes, a video library of past class replays and Chicca’s cooking tips, and our members-only Facebook community.
• One Time (3 months, 6 classes)
• Recurring Subscription (renews every 3 months)


$35* Per Class / Per Device

You create a custom/personalized code allowing your recipient to register for one or more classes of their choice in the upcoming season. Recipients will also receive the class recipe/shopping list, cooking tips for that class, and the class replay video.

*Current Cooking Club members receive a 25% discount when gifting classes

FAQs About Gifts

Escarole & Bean Soup (for Cooking Club Members only): January 16

Homemade Orecchiette Pasta with Broccoli: January 30

Baked Cauliflower with Caper Sauce & Kale Winter Salad with Herb Dressing: February 13

Pappa al Pomodoro Soup (Classic Tomato Bread Soup) & Ricotta Mousse (Dessert): February 27

Apple and Blueberry Cake: March 13

Homemade Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli: March 27

The first step for purchasing a gift is to fill out this form. At the moment, purchasing classes and memberships for others is a manual process, so we will follow up with you to confirm the details of your selection and collect your payment info.

We will send you, the buyer, a PDF gift card for the specific item(s) you choose to give. The e-card includes a custom coupon code, registration link, and instructions for your recipient. Your recipient will then sign themselves up for the class or membership with their own name and email address.

Note that this is different than a traditional gift certificate, as the recipient does not see a set dollar amount. The coupon lets them sign up for free to a membership or a certain number of classes.

Yes. Gifts are valid for the upcoming season only. This is because our offerings may change from season to season. Membership gifts expire when our enrollment window closes (at the beginning of each season). Class gifts expire on the day of the last class of the season. Expiration dates will be indicated on the recipients’ ecard.

Our Cooking Club membership is based on a three-month season, and each season includes 6 classes.

If you gift a recurring subscription, your recipient will have ongoing access to Chicca’s Cooking Club, and your credit card will be charged every three months until you cancel. If you gift a one-time seasonal membership, your recipient gets one free season and then can choose whether to cancel the membership after three months or start paying the subscription themselves.

No, we do not contact your recipient about their gift directly. You, as the buyer, will receive an email receipt and a PDF e-card to pass on to your recipient. Once gifted, the recipient will sign themselves up on our website and that’s when they’ll start receiving email communication from us.