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Give the gift of cooking!

Italian Online Cooking Classes

Live From Tuscany

E-Gift Certificates: Cooking Club Memberships and A' La Carte Classes

4-month Membership
$149 /per Season - 6 online classes
  • • 4-months of membership in a global community of happy cooks
  • • 6 interactive online cooking classes live from Bolgheri, Tuscany
  • • Replay videos, if you miss a live class enjoy it on your own time
  • • 75+ past classes to watch on-demand - exclusive video recipe library
  • • Anyone in your home can watch classes and cook alongside you
  • • 12% off on DaTerra Cucina cookware & exclusive Facebook group
  • • Wine pairings for each recipe & a new friend in Tuscany to visit

Online Cooking Classes À La Carte
$37 /1 online class per device
  • • Access to 1 interactive online cooking class of your choice, live from Tuscany
  • • Recipe, shopping list and Zoom link will be provided upon registration
  • • Wine pairings for the recipe & a new friend to visit in Tuscany
  • • Join a global community passionate of Italian cooking
  • • Anyone in your home can watch classes and cook alongside you
  • • Lifetime access to the replay video to enjoy on your own time later
  • • Discounts for special additional classes and more

Registration for Chicca’s Cooking Club is currently closed. If you decide to purchase a digital certificate for a membership, it will be valid for the upcoming Season 15 from August through November or any of the future seasons. Please note that recipients must claim their gift by August 15, 2024 if they wish to participate in the six classes of Season 15.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gifts

Club Memberships – Chicca’s Cooking Club memberships are available for the upcoming season April through July.
Membership cost is $149, for 6 classes in 4 months.
IMPORTANT: Registration to Chicca’s Cooking Club is only open for a limited time. Your recipient will need to claim their gift by APRIL 15, 2024
**Gifted memberships don’t include a recurring subscription, it’s a one-time payment. 

A la Carte Classes – Any individual online class, or bundle of classes, can be gifted from the current season April through July.
One online class cost is $37.

Baked Cauliflower Cake
- Sat, April 20 (members only)
Learn this twist on an Italian classic. Cauliflower replaces potatoes, it’s creamy, crispy, and sure to please even skeptics.

Crispy Vegetarian Asparagus Balls
- Sat, May 4 
Let’s make crispy asparagus balls. Coated in breadcrumbs paired with tangy lemon sauce, you’ll love this vegetarian recipe.

Handmade Ricotta-filled Tortelloni
- Sat, June 1 
Learn the art of fresh pasta-making, Tortelloni filled with cheese and parsley, served with rich browned butter sauce.

Lemon Almond Ricotta Cake
- Sat, June 22 
This cake blends creamy ricotta, bright lemon zest and the nutty richness of almonds into a light, moist and aromatic cake.

Spaghetti all’Amatriciana
- Sat, July 6
Learn to transform simple ingredients: pasta, pecorino, guanciale, pomodoro into an iconic Italian dish.

Scarpaccia Tuscan Zucchini Tart – Sat, July 20 
Discover Tuscan tradition with this savory tart. Thinly zucchini and onions in a creamy batter, baked to crispy perfection.

Yes. Gift certificates are only valid for the season they are purchased in. This is because our offerings may change from season to season.

Class gifts expire on the day of the last class of the season in which it’s purchased.

Your recipient must claim their gift before the expiration date.

Once you purchase a gift, you will be able to download a PDF gift certificate to send to your recipient once you complete the purchase and in the confirmation email. You’ll share directly the PDF gift certificate with your gift recipient. It is your responsibility to contact the recipient and share the instructions we provide in the PDF so that they can sign themselves up on our website. After that, they’ll start receiving email communication from us.

When are the live cooking classes held?
Online classes will be on Saturdays around lunchtime in the United States, and dinner time in Italy. Dates for our next season’s classes are: May 4, June 1 and 22, July 6 and 20

What time will the classes be?
Our schedule allows for mainland U.S. time zones to participate around lunchtime, while it’s evening in Italy. Classes start 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET / 7:30pm Italy and go for 60-90 minutes.

When will I know what ingredients to purchase for the classes?
The full recipe and list of ingredients for each class are already published on the class page, so you can start to prepare for future classes as soon as you enroll. You will also receive a shopping list by email about one week in advance.

What if I miss a live cooking class or have to leave early?
A video recording will be provided for each class. That way you can watch the replay whenever is most convenient for you.

How does it work? Do I need a special program to participate in the membership?
Cooking classes will be held on Zoom. This requires a quick and easy download, but you do not need a special Zoom account to participate.
The video lessons library, recipes, and live class information for the Club will be hosted on this website. Members will have a username and password to access these private webpages.
The best way to interact with Chicca throughout the week will be through the Club’s exclusive Facebook group (optional). Important Club communications will also be sent out by email.

Will the classes be taught in English?
Yes. Chicca teaches in English and co-host, Denise, will facilitate in English.


  • "Chicca’s Cooking Club has been a delightful experience. The recipes Chicca guides us through via Zoom from her Tuscan farmhouse are simple and easy to prepare! I would never have attempted to make gnocchi without her guidance. Now I feel confident to make it for my family. Another benefit of the class is the many “tips and tricks” of food prep and kitchen setup that Chicca shares with us. An afternoon spent cooking with Chicca always leads to a great day ~ and an outstanding meal!"
    - Deb

    Deb, Founding Member
    A delightful experience
  • "Lively, personable Chicca gave a fun online cooking experience using fresh, simple ingredients. You realize that the very best of Italian cooking is the fresh, simple ingredients prepared in a simple way. Chicca gave us a wonderful virtual tour of her home, garden and kitchen and we can't wait to go visit her in person! Grazie for the delicious recipe and the amazing , virtual Tuscan sunset!!"

    Virtual Tuscany, almost like you were there
  • "My friend and I made Saturday’s recipe last night here in Scottsdale AZ, and it turned out fabulous! The semolina dough was the perfect texture and making the pasta was a delight. The sauce was simple and delicious. I had no idea I could make something this delightful. Thank you Chicca!!"
    - Sally

    Fabulous and delightful!
  • "Chicca’s online cooking classes are excellent! I have taken in-person & online cooking classes in several countries including Morocco, France, Italy, and Ireland. Her style of Tuscan cooking is healthy, fresh, and very satisfying. Her Pasta e Fagioli recipe is by far the best I have ever made. Her classes are easy to follow and the recipes are concise and clear. I love her gnocchi class... yum!"
    Cynthia E

    Cynthia E
    Chicca’s Tuscan Yum
  • "I love everything about this class - the prep, the zoom connection to everyone, seeing Chicca’s amazing garden and watching her easy and expert way in the kitchen! Eating the food after class is also pretty wonderful."
    - Debbie

    I love everything about this class
  • "Chicca’s classes are so much fun! It’s a wonderful way to learn and have an exceptional meal. I have used all the recipes more than once already."

    Founding Member
    I've used all the recipes again
  • "Chicca's Cooking Club is the highlight of my weekend! I love cooking something new, learning new skills in the kitchen, and being around Chicca's infectious energy!"

    Founding Member
    Highlight of my weekends
  • "I love getting some Italian feel at home now that I have not travelled there yet this year! And I very much like Chicca's recipes and love for veggies and clean eating like myself."

    Founding Member
    Next best thing to visiting Italy

Questions or concerns?
Contact club@cookingintuscany.cc