July 20: Scarpaccia Tuscan Zucchini Tart Class
Discover Tuscan tradition with this savory tart. Thinly zucchini and onions in a creamy batter, baked to crispy perfection.
July 6: Spaghetti all’Amatriciana Class
Learn to transform simple ingredients: pasta, pecorino, guanciale, pomodoro into an iconic Italian dish.
June 22: Lemon Almond Ricotta Cake Class
This cake blends creamy ricotta, bright lemon zest and the nutty richness of almonds into a light, moist and aromatic cake.
June 1: Handmade Ricotta-filled Tortelloni Class
Learn the art of fresh pasta-making, Tortelloni filled with cheese and parsley, served with rich browned butter sauce.
May 4: Crispy Vegetarian Asparagus Balls Class
Let’s make crispy asparagus balls. Coated in breadcrumbs paired with tangy lemon sauce, you’ll love this vegetarian recipe.