International Culinary Connection: Chicca's Cooking Club Brings Authentic Italian Flavors to Homes Worldwide

[Tuscany, Italy] – [January 26, 2024]

In a dynamic collaboration that transcends borders, two visionary international businesswomen, Chicca Maione from Tuscany, and Denise Ransome from Oregon, along with the creative flair of Frenchman Arnaud Bachelard, have seamlessly woven accessible, healthy, and authentic Italian recipes into the fabric of homes worldwide through Chicca’s Cooking Club.

When the pandemic disrupted the traditional approach to culinary education in 2020, Chicca Maione, founder of Cooking in Tuscany, pivoted her super successful in-person cooking classes to the online realm. In tandem with friends Jedd and Michelle Chang and partner Arnaud Bachelard, Chicca launched Chicca’s Cooking Club, a virtual haven for culinary enthusiasts.

By January 2021, the team’s introductory free class garnered about 600 registrations and more than 380 participants from four continents, 14 countries and 23 States in the US. “This is the largest class I’ve ever taught in my life,” Chicca said in an interview with The Guardian, who featured Chicca in a February 2021 article about female entrepreneurs in the pandemic.

In another significant development of 2021, requests for corporate and private classes began. To fill that need, Denise Ransome, a respected retreat space owner and project manager, joined forces with the team as the Co-host and manager for that part of the business. Today, she stands as Chicca’s full-time business partner, collaborating to guide the expansion and evolution of Chicca’s Cooking Club.

Currently, Chicca’s Cooking Club offers a Seasonal Club Membership, granting subscribers access to six live classes, a treasure trove of 70+ class replays, active participation in a vibrant Facebook community, and more exclusive digital content. Additionally, all live classes are available to the public for individual purchase, allowing anyone to partake in the culinary adventure.

The trio of entrepreneurs brings their passion for cooking and connection directly into kitchens across the globe. Chicca teaches the live classes, Arnaud orchestrates the visual experience from their kitchen in Tuscany, while Denise manages and moderates classes via Zoom from her command center in Oregon.

Members of Chicca’s Cooking Club express their enthusiasm:
“Chicca’s Cooking Club is the highlight of my weekend! I love cooking something new, learning new skills in the kitchen, and being around Chicca’s infectious energy!”

“I love learning your techniques to make easy ingredients into gourmet dishes!!! Brand new member and SO happy!!!”

Chicca’s Cooking Club is more than a culinary experience; it’s a global celebration of food, culture, and connection. Join the club, and let the flavors of Italy infuse your kitchen with a touch of international magic.

About Chicca’s Cooking Club
Chicca’s Cooking Club is a virtual culinary hub produced by Chicca Maione, Denise Ransome, and Arnaud Bachelard. Offering a Seasonal Club Membership, the club provides live classes, class replays, a thriving Facebook community, and exclusive digital content, sharing the joy of Italian cooking with homes worldwide. For details about the Club, see https://cookingintuscany.cc/club or subscribe to Chicca’s newsletter.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Denise Ransome
[club@cookingintuscany.cc | 503-805-0925]