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Our Visit to Ornellaia Winery in Bolgheri Italy

If there is a name to which Bolgheri owes its fame, it is Ornellaia Vinyard, one of the world’s iconic wine estates. Located on Via Bolgherese, 5 km from our property, this pioneer establishment continues to mark the history of great wines. Let’s discover it together! Why we are proud to bring our guests to Ornellaia Winery! We’ve chosen to settle in this little corner of Tuscany, where the luxury of everyday life resides in simple things, the beauty of life is found in the small pleasures of everyday. Good food, great wines, ancient culture, unexplored hills, a community of friends and local connections, a slow pace of living, and sunny days for most of the year thanks to the proximity to the Mediterranean. Although Bolgheri is not very well known as a travel destination, its name shines among the starred wines in the world such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia, the famous Super Tuscan wines. When we moved under the Tuscan sun, over 20 years ago, we found out that Bolgheri is not only a hidden gem on the Tuscan coast but a 5-star paradise for wine lovers. Our home is very close to these famous vineyards, as we live on The Wine Road which leads to Bolgheri. Ornellaia, just a few km from our property, is certainly one of the most renowned and highly acclaimed wineries in Italy, and I am always thrilled and proud to give my guests a tour of Ornellaia, as it’s a confirmation of the great reputation our region has for producing world-class wines. During a visit, our guests have the opportunity to learn about the winery’s history and winemaking process, as well as to taste and purchase some of their finest wines. They will also get to explore the beautiful estate, take in the...

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Sassicaia Winery, the Story of a Super Tuscan Wine

Most wine lovers know Sassicaia today, but do you know its vineyards have very young roots? Although wine has been part of Italian culture since ancient times, Bolgheri, a small hamlet located between the Mediterranean sea and rolling hills, was just the land of very ordinary wines. To make a long story short, the passion and the intuition of one man changed the destiny of this region in a few short decades: the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, Countess Clarice della Gherardesca’s husband. 1940s: the beginning of the story During the 1920s, while pursuing an agricultural degree in Pisa, the Marquis, born from a Piedmontese family and a passionate admirer of French grape varieties, had a dream to create a great wine from Tuscany. Inspired by the similarity in microclimate between Bolgheri and the Graves area in Bordeaux, France, he found the perfect spot on the Etruscan Coast. In the 1940s, at an altitude of 393 meters on the slopes of Castiglioncello di Bolgheri, a family's remote fortress, he planted the first Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from the Tenuta dei Duchi Salviati in Migliarino. Castiglioncello di Bolgheri is still a private castle that still belongs to the Della Gherardesca family. Once a year, on the 16th of July, it’s open to the public in the occasion of Festa della Madonna del Carmine. Sassicaia, the land of many stones He christened his wine “Sassicaia”, meaning land of many stones (sasso in Italian is stone), after the rocky soil where the vines are planted on 'la via Bolgherese'. From 1948 to 1967, Sassicaia was only produced for family and private use. The Marquis soon discovered that his wine was greatly enhanced by aging. His friends and family encouraged him to continue his experiments and to perfect his winemaking style for this region....

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