A winter hug from Tuscany and a comfort potato and leek soup

The cold breeze sweeps through the Tuscan landscape and though the hills aren’t blanketed in snow, there’s a unique charm to the winter season here. The beach is empty, just for us and our dogs. The Mediterranean shimmers like a mirror, brightening up the shorter sunny days. The calmness of nature surrounds us, the silence is almost overwhelming in its serene embrace. Can you hear the silence in wintertime?


Fa freddo, it’s cold in Italian. The fire is on and the kitchen is my cozy place against the crisp air outside. I’m ready. I’m ready to dive into seasonal ingredients…each veggie tells a story of resilience and flavor.

From the hardy greens to the robust root vegetables, the flavors of Tuscany’s seasonal produce inspires me with endless opportunities to create easy winter dishes.

Try my comfort winter soup

Winter, to me, means the arrival of soup season. I could have a steaming bowl of soup every day. It warms my hands, body and soul. Everything is in one bowl. If you want to try one of my favorite recipes, click here to enjoy my leek and potato soup. They are a perfect combination for many recipes and this simple soup is easy to prepare and very satisfying to eat. The sage gives a great aroma to this dish. With a drizzle of yogurt and some chunks of roasted country bread, this soup is ready to be served.

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