Club Membership – Seasonal 3 Month Subscription

Registration is closed until July 1

Register by April 10, 2021
$139 /per Season (3 Months)
  • * A full season subscription (3 months)
  • * 6 interactive online cooking classes, live from Tuscany at 35% discount. (regular price $216)
  • * Video recordings of each class, including previous seasons
  • * Anyone in your home can watch classes alongside you
  • * Exclusive access to a growing library of cooking lessons and recipes
  • * Special access to Chicca’s life updates, Italian adventures, and cooking advice through a members-only Facebook group

If you’d like to gift a season of Chicca’s Cooking Club to someone else, here’s what you need to know:

  • Registration is only open for a limited time. Your recipient will need to claim their gift by April 10.
  • Gift purchases expire and cannot be claimed after the registration window closes.
  • This gift is for a single season (Spring) only. To gift an ongoing subscription or “a la carte” classes, please fill out this form.

1. Log yourself in if you have taken our classes before. (If needed, you can reset your password here.)
2. Fill out this registration page with your own contact and credit card information.
3. Check the box for “Is this a gift?”
4. After clicking the Join Now button, you’ll then be prompted to enter your recipient’s email address and a personal message.
5. Your recipient will be sent your message along with instructions to claim their gift. You will be sent the receipt by email and can verify if the gift was claimed through your Account page.
6. You may wish to follow up with your recipient to ensure they claim their gift by the April 10 registration deadline.

  1. Fill out the registration information below.
  2. IMPORTANT: make sure “is this a gift?” box is UNCHECKED. This is only for people buying a membership as a gift for someone else.
  3. IMPORTANT: click “Have a coupon code?”: enter your gift code that you received on your certificate.
  4. Add your credit card, it will not be charged but it’s required to create an account with our system. It also allows you to continue your membership once your gift period ends without any delays or issues.
  5. Click “Join Now” and receive a confirmation email.

Tip: If you’ve purchased a class with us before, please log in to your account before purchasing a new membership. Forgot your password? Reset your password here.

Please contact if you have any questions.